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Ability to design tooling, stamp, fabricate, and assemble parts in a vast range of sizes in most metals.

Laser Cutting

- Up to .75” plate 60” x 120” 
- 8 shelf automation system


Progressive & Deep Draw Stamping

45 stamping presses from 28 to 440 tons


Press operations include, but are not limited to, stamping, blanking, draw work, cut-off, and techniques and methods of forming.

CNC Forming

150T Press Brake

Roll Forming



- Robotic Welding

- Mig and Tig Welding

- Spot Welding

- Projection


2 - Lincoln Fab Pak FHS B2B automated welding cells

Power Wave R450 welding machine

96” x 48” tables with #1500 capacity

1 - Miller Perform Arc PA1100HW

Tawers 350A welding machine

60” x 32” tables with #1100 capacity

1 - Miller Perform Arc PA350S

Tawers 350A welding machine (set up for aluminum welding)

24” x 24” table area with #600 capacity


4 - TJ Snow 100 KVA Spot welding machines


Finishing department to meet your tumbling, deburring, washing, and packaging needs.


State-of-the-art technology, including computerized SPC and CPK analysis.

Metrology capabilities to suit customer quality standards

All parts are subject to a thorough quality inspection prior to production and shipment.


Our 108,500-square-foot facility has the capability to inventory and warehouse products and materials as needed for our customers.

Our shipping and receiving department works closely with customers to ensure the product arrives as specified in exceptional condition and on time.



Accord designs, builds and maintains tooling in an in-house Tool and Die Facility.

We use progressive, compound, and deep draw dies - in addition to several other types of innovative tooling designed by our engineering department.

We provide our customers with the option to use recycled materials to construct their low-volume dies in an effort toward sustainability and to minimize cost.


8 Presses from 28 ton to 75 ton

10 Presses from 75 ton to 150 ton

24 Presses from 150 ton to 330 ton

1 Press with 400-ton capacity


1 Press with 440-ton capacity

3 - 7.5 ton overhead cranes

1 Mitsubishi Electric ML3015eX PLUS Laser Cutter Cell

- FMS 8 shelf automation tower w/ two unload carts

1 Diamond BH13530 Press Brake with 10' bed

2 Hurco VMX50i Vertical Mill

1 Brother Speedio S1000X1 Vertical Mill

1 Parts washer

Vibratory deburring & finishing equipment

Straighteners and coil-handling equipment for up to 10,000-pound coils

Drill and tap equipment

Tube bending

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